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Mollier Diagram (h-s Axis)

The following lines are given Mollier Diagram:

(i) Constant h – lines (horizontal)

(ii) Constant s -lines (vertical lines)

(iii) Constant P- lines

(iv) Constant v -lines

(v) Constant t -lines

(vi) Constant x -lines.


11.8.1 Isentropic Process (s = c)

Point 1: Intersection of P1 & t1 (initial point located).

For point 2: As s =constant, we draw vertical line from 1 to intersect P2 (given) at 2.

It is observed (as an example) the steam is wet at 2, with dryness fraction of x2 ( < x1). The enthalpy drop h1 – h2 may be read out from the chart.


11.8.2 Throttling Process (h = const.)

Point 1 : Intersection of P1 and x1 (given).

For point 2: Draw horizontal line to meet P2 at 2.

For example, it is seen from the diagram that the steam at point 2 is superheated.