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Thermodynamic Properties and Their Units

Following table describes some thermodynamic properties and their units.


Notation          Description                                                                            Unit

p                      Absolute pressure                                                                   KP., or bar

t s                     Saturation temperature                                                           o C

h f                    Specific enthalpy of saturated water                                     KJ/kg

h f                    Latent heat of evaporation                                                     KJ/kg

h g                    Specific enthalpy of saturated vapour                                   KJ/kg

s f                     Specific entropy of saturated water                                       KJ/kg° K

s fg                   Specific entropy of evaporation                                             KJ/kg° K

s g                     Specific entropy of saturated vapour                                                 KJ/kg° K

v f                    Specific volume of saturated water                                       m3 / kg

Vg                    Specific volume of saturated vapour                                                m3/ kg

H fg                  hg – h f =Change of sp.enthalpy during evaporation              KJ/kg

S fg                   sg – s f = Change of sp.entropy during evaporation              KJ/kg

V f                   vg- v f =Change of sp.volume during evaporation                m3/kg

u g                    Pv1 = Sp.internal energy of saturated water                                     KJ/ kg

u g hg – P v g = Sp. internal energy of saturated vapour                  KJ/ kg